Full Treatment


We go a step beyond "typical orthodontics" to provide the best orthodontic treatment available. Our goal is to bring the teeth, jaw joints and muscles into functional harmony for a healthy, durable chewing system.

We put braces on all the teeth, including the 12-year molars – a procedure not typically done in a mainstream orthodontic practice. The duration of full treatment can be anywhere from 12 to 36 months, but 24 months is typical. Treatment time depends on numerous factors, such as the difficulty of the case, patient compliance, hygiene and keeping appointments.

We use the latest in orthodontic technology so that we can make treatment faster, easier and more comfortable. The braces we use are self-ligating which means they don't need to be tied in. They have little clips that snap to secure the wire in place. In the early stages of treatment, these braces reduce friction which allows teeth to move faster. Clear braces are also available.

It is never too late for orthodontics to give you a healthy, functional bite and a beautiful smile!